What We Do


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Today, safe patient handling is about accountable technology with a measurable purpose. As a leading, lateral transfer and transport medical device company, we work with numerous nurses and hospitals to ensure they are getting the most out of their SPHM programs. Our team at Glide Science has created a hassle-free, dependable, one-touch patient transfer and transport device, the MediGLIDER. We understand the nurse and/or caregiver and their mindset, and we work to help repurpose them, so they can do the job they love and not strain their backs on a daily basis. Value is clearly gained when less time is spent transferring patients and less money is spent on workers compensation.

Our Roots

MediGLIDER™ Corporation founder Ralph Smucker witnessed the pain and embarrassment that patients endured when they were moved and the problems caretakers faced in lifting and moving patients. His desire to alleviate patients’ and caregivers’ suffering led to his passion for developing equipment that can safely move patients and minimize injury to caregivers. Smucker founded MediGLIDER Corporation in 2005. Composed of an experienced team of engineers, scientists and business leaders, after 8 years, the company is proud to launch the MediGLIDER: the true one-operator safe patient transfer and transport device.

Our Reach

Our products span the entire hospital performance spectrum, providing a SPHM solution for each department. Much like an elevator is used to move from one floor to another, the MediGLIDER provides the critical transfer/transport link between one department to another. It connects the dots between the patient’s point of origin to their destination. It also forms part of a continuum of SPHM solutions to maximize staff and patient safety. The Mediglider is perfect for transferring patients who have high acuity levels and works in all hospital settings including: ED, Imaging/Cath. OR, ICU/CCU, Transport, Med/Surg, Morgue, and L&D.

Our Vision

Glide Science is more than a medical device company that merely executes sales. Instead, we are strategic partners. We are able to build long term, trusted relationships with our clients because we work hard to understand their business and develop SPHM programs that produce results. We intend to be the golden standard for safe patient handling and we plan to recreate the entire process of how patients are transferred within the hospital and fill in the long time gap as to how patients are transferred. We have a clear vision that every hospital will have multiple MediGLIDERS in each department. Why? because much like you would find an elevator or stairwell, we are an essential piece of the transferring process!

The Brains

Change is meaningless in itself. True progress comes from thinking and acting differently. It comes from innovation, Glide Science. With Glide Science, we inject innovation into everything we do. In fact, we have an entire team of innovation experts who can’t wait to share how their ideas can protect your number one asset – employees.

At MediGLIDER, we are inventors & innovators who take multiple problems & create one simple solution. We produce high tech answers where either low technology or no technology exists. Our company has almost 100 doctors and nurses as private investors, because like us, they believe we are the the real solution to the safe patient handling problem.

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