Technology Overview


The MediGLIDER is a patient transfer and transport device powered by 2 rechargeable 12-volt batteries. It integrates the features of a powered drive gurney and a dual conveyor-belt lateral patient transfer and air support system.


The MediGLIDER enables a trained user to:

  • Acquire or transfer a patient weighing up to 227 kg (500 lb) from a stretcher, bed, or table surface.
  • Move or transport the patient to another location.
  • Unload or deliver the patient form the MediGLIDER to a stretcher, bed, or table surface.

Important: It is recommend that an attending staff member be present during the patient transfer process to assist in informing the patient of the process and to hold and stabilize the patient during the pick-up and delivery process.

Personnel must be trained and certified to operate and maintain the equipment. To ensure safety, carefully read all instructions prior to use and observe all Warnings, Cautions, Importants and Notes.



MediGLIDER CMG-100-0001 – MediGLIDER Powered Gurney

Disposable Sheets – Replaceable after every patient move

Wedge – Inflate to provide the Fowler position

Shelf – Used to carry equipment or chart


Dual Powered Patient Conveyor Belts

Power Drive Propulsion System – Dual drives—opposed, counter articulating; Forward—variable 0–3.2 km/hour (0–2 miles/hour), joystick control; Reverse—variable 0–1.6 km/hour (0–1 miles/hour), joystick control

Power Lateral Drive – 90 ° to drive position; Multi-directional—Variable 0š1.6 km/hour (0–1 miles/hour), joystick control

Power Turning – 73.6 cm (29.0 in.) turning radius

Spin – 360 ° with joystick or push buttons

Stow Wheels – Emergency only; powered or manual push using guard rails

Operator Controls – Dual, on each end of the MediGLIDER

Product Sanitation Alert – Flashing lights after patient move is complete

Caster System – Four (4) dual wheel with spring shocks

IV Pole Placement – Four (4) integrated holders, one on each corner

Foley Hooks – Four (4), one at each corner

Braking – Dual—automatic

Alignment Guides – Four (4) cross lasers


Total Length – 237.5 cm (93.5 in.)

Maximum Width – (Side Rails Up) 81.3 cm (32.0 in.)

Maximum Width – (Side Rails Down) 85.1 cm (33.5 in.)

Patient Surface – 76.20 x 188.00 cm (30 x 74 in.)

Acquisition Reach – 105.0 cm (41.5 in.) either side

Patient Surface Height—Lowest – 65.0 cm (25.5 in.)

Patient Surface Height—Highest – 92.7 cm (36.0 in.)

Patient Surface Height—Max – Inflated 104 cm (41 in.)

Side Rail Height above Mattress, Fully Inflated – 24.76 cm (9.75 in.)

Side Rail Length – 193 cm (76 in.)

Minimum Under-Stretcher Clearance – 11.5 cm (4.5 in.)

Wheelbase – 173.7 cm (68.4 in.)

Partial Trendelenburg Position – 7.5 ° max

Partial Reverse Trendelenburg Position – 7.5 ° max

Caster Diameter – 15.24 cm (6.00 in.)

Weight – 636 kg (1400 lb)

Patient Capacity – 227 kg (500 lb)