The Mediglider


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After 7 years and countless focus groups and industry opinion leaders, we have developed and are officially introducing the only technology which combines safe patient transfer & transportation. The MediGLIDER glides under, lifts up, then laterally transfers and transports the patient to another surface. In most cases, only one caregiver is required all without any pre-positioning. This patented Glide Science technology permits a single person to lift and move a patient weighing up to 500 pounds safely, simply by one touch. The MediGLIDER also provides the equipment standard necessary to meet state specific Safe Patient Handling and Movement legislation.


The MediGLIDER eliminates all physical forces associated to pushing a patient in a bed or stretcher. Place it in strategic spots throughout the hospital and your team will be able to use it independently as a powered stretcher as well as a transfer device. This won’t be a tough sell since it’s so easy to maneuver in corridors, elevators and patient rooms, and easily rotates 360 degrees


The MediGLIDER addresses one of the most common patient lifting and transferring tasks. The power-driven option is quick, intuitive to use, and comfortable for both the patient and the caregiver. It virtually eliminates the AP shear forces associated with laterally transferring a patient.


Only the MediGLIDER can move a patient with just one touch of a finger. Everyone agrees the old fashioned methods currently used for lateral transfer are low in technology. Some of them include transfer boards, roller boards, air assisted devices, slip sheets, draw sheets and lift slings.


Much like you would use an elevator to move from one floor to another, the MediGLIDER provides the critical transfer/transport link between one department and another. It connects the dots between safe patient handling equipment from the patient’s point of origin to their destination. It also forms part of a continuum of SPHM solutions to maximize staff and patient safety. It can be used in a variety of settings such as the ICU, OR, Cardiac Cath Lab, Imaging, Labor and Delivery, Med/Surg., Morgue, and general patient transport.


The MediGLIDER promotes efficiency by eliminating the need for multiple caregivers and multiple pieces of equipment. It also reduces the risks and associated costs of musculoskeletal injuries aquired during transfer and transport of patients. The MediGLIDER replaces the tradition protocal of manually pushing patients in their beds or stretchers. The cost benefit analysis justifies the MediGLIDER, proving cost take-out and resource efficacy.