What is the patient weight limit for the MediGLIDER?

The MediGLIDER is labeled by CSA and NEMKO to transfer and transport patients weighing up to 500 lbs.

What is the recommended maintenance for the MediGLIDER?

Periodic inspections of all fabric surfaces and a thorough functionality check.

How do you replace the sheet on the MediGLIDER?

Refer to demo video

How long can a patient rest on the MediGLIDER?

The recommended time for a patient to rest on the MediGLIDER would be between 3 to 4 hours. The air supply automatically adjusts to the proportion of the patient inorder to provide a high level of comfort which allow for hours of usage.

Is the MediGLIDER radiolucent?

No. The MediGLIDER has components that prevent it from being able to be used under imaging devices.

Do I need to use an extra sheet when transferring a patient with a MediGLIDER?

The only sheet necessary for a patient transfer is the disposable sheet on the MediGLIDER.

How long does the MediGLIDER hold a charge?

The MediGLIDER holds a charge for 16 hours of continuous use or 30-40 transfers.

How long does it take to learn how to operate a MediGLIDER?

Can you use the MediGLIDER with a slip board or slide sheet?

Can the MediGLIDER be over-inflated and cause it to burst?