About the MediGLIDER

The MediGLIDER stands as a revolutionary lateral patient transfer and transport solution that meets or exceeds Safe Patient Handling requirements. With the touch of a button, one can use the motorized MediGLIDER device to move an individual weighing up to 500 pounds with utmost safety for both the patient and healthcare staff member.

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Our Commitment to Safety

Navigating patient transfer and transportation within healthcare settings poses significant hazards, jeopardizing safety, efficiency, and financial well-being for both patients and the healthcare sector. The historical manual approach to patient transport and transfer has a repeated risk of injuries to both patients and staff. The MediGLIDER is a revolutionary mechanical solution created with a focus on improving staff and patient safety in this field. Onsite case studies conducted from 2007-2017 show that when using MediGLIDER there was a significant decrease in physical risks for patients and staff, while being able to increase healthcare professionals ability to focus more on patient care, reduce costs and improve workflow efficiency. The MediGLIDER has been labeled as a trailblazing catalyst in advancing safety standards and has been cleared by three FDA and CSA government entity authorizations.

Design & Engineering Process

The MediGLIDER lateral patient transfer and patient transport functions are performed by the same device. A first of its kind combination of electronic intelligence with mechanical mechanisms allows the operator to take advantages of the MediGLIDER’s unique features to undertake safety and anti-infection initiatives.

  • This unique, counter-rotating upper and lower belt technology has custom belts with surface material that optimizes both friction and infection control.
  • The integrated air mattress provides comfort and support for the patient and is equipped with MediGAARD disposable sheets to limit the spread of germs.
  • In addition, the innovative drive system is capable of maneuvering in extremely tight areas with no pushing or pulling down hallways. The intricate design was created to support and ease the burden for both the patient and staff member.

Disposable Sheets

The patented MediGAARD (custom disposable sheets) are applied for each use. One sheet used per patient, easy to adhere and remove, all while minimizing the spread of infection.

Reliable Brakes

The reliable brake system stops the device gently but immediately upon release of control, providing an extra layer of safety.

Rechargeable Battery

Sustaining 14+ hours of continuous use, the rechargeable battery allows for continuous use and no interruption to operational efficiencies. Up to 40 transfers without a charge.

Skin Safe

Patients experience virtually zero skin shear/pressure ulcers via the MediGLIDER. While standard devices tend to cause friction and effects to the skin, results have shown this is not common with MediGLIDER.

Effortless Operation

The joystick-controlled forward, reverse, and lateral drive allow for tight turns with simple navigation in the smaller rooms and tight places ex: in surgical suites. Leading to less frustrations for both patients and staff.

Single Operator

One operator is sufficient for managing the device, eliminating the need for multiple personnel.

Corporate History

Prior to the introduction of the MediGLIDER, the medical industry had no means in place to laterally transfer and transport patients in a safe and effortless manner with one device. For more than 400 years the patient movement methodology was “take a deep breath, grunt, log role, and lift.” More than 20 types of mechanical ceiling hoists have been tried or created like the Hoyer Lift, but capabilities are limited or straining on staff. The origins of the MediGLIDER was actually due to a patient being dropped during a surgical table transfer to a stretcher and caused serious injuries. This patient was related to one of the founding members. It was in 2005 MediGLIDER was created and has garnered positive feedback from usage by key leading facilities like the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, John Hopkins Institute, and the hospital systems of Baylor, Methodist, Baptist, Ascension, and HCA. MediGLIDER paused production from 2017-2023 due to organizational restructures but is now fully funded and back in operation since fall of 2023.

"My Team used the MediGLIDER to move a 200+ pound cerebral palsy patient who had 5 broken ribs from a fall inside the hospital. The patient was in tremendous pain and could not receive pain killers to relieve the pain due to the effects on breathing. The MediGLIDER worked flawlessly with this patient and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing."

A PACU Director at Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano

"This technology will not only help us with our patient transfer/transport activities and increase our Safe Patient Handling initiatives but it will also change the way we approach our everyday workflow across all departments."

Chief Nursing Officer, St. David’s North HCA

“After having been moved with the MediGLIDER from a bed and onto a surgical table myself, I experienced the comfort and ease as a patient that I seek for all our patients at the Cleveland Clinic when we have to move them.”

Former President of Cleveland Clinic