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Automated Patient Transfer & Transport Technology

Healthcare industry insights

$19B in Losses

From injuries sustained during traditional lifting and transferring of patients.

#1 Hazardous Industry

Is the healthcare industry.  

Most prevalent injury is musculoskeletal (or MSK) resulting from patient handling.

Workforce Shortages

12% shortage in 2019  

20% shortage by 2020  

Nurse demand to rise 40% by 2020

Nurse Injury Statistics

62% concerned about disabling injuries

56% report MSK pain caused by work

42% reported being injured in 12-month period

52% reported chronic back pain.

Missed Work Statistics

38% took time off due to occupation related back pain.

20% said they'd changed their position or employment due to back pain

375,000 work days lost each year (US alone)

Rising Risk Factors

3X increase in obesity since 1995

Aging workforce (nurse average age 50)

Aging population (72% increase in baby boomer retirees)

Increase access to medical procedures

powered patient lift, transfer & transport technology

the New FDA Standard

New FDA Standard

We developed the technology that led to the new FDA Standard for Powered Patient Transfer & Transport Device

World's First

Technology for automated patient transfer and patient transport empowering a  single nurse or healthcare worker.

Work Smarter Not Harder

The time is now for power assist technology to replace lift teams.  No more lifting to transfer patients.  Increases operational efficiency by eliminating the demand for 4-6 nurses to lift and transfer a 200 lb patient.  Capable of moving a 500 lb patient.